Protecting Our Environment

At UniFirst, being green goes well beyond the color of our logo

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Environmentally Friendly Uniform Cleaning (video).
Environmental Friendly Uniform Cleaning
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At UniFirst, our Uniform Rental and Facility Service Programs are developed with the fundamental premise that, whenever possible, it's better to utilize sustainable, reusable products than it is to use “disposables.” Our customers generally agree, and they reap the additional cost-saving benefits that our products and services provide. In this way, we're able to multiply our “green” efforts via the hundreds of thousands of businesses we serve throughout North America.


Committed to Environmental Sustainability

UniFirst looks to protect the environment in everything that we do… from the way that we hygienically launder and process work uniforms to the environmentally friendly products we offer.

Learn more in the UniFirst Sustainability Report.

U.S. Green Building Council and Laundery Environment Stewardship Program

As an active member of the Textile Service Industry's “Laundry Environment Stewardship Program
(LaundryESP®), UniFirst has contributed to important efforts that help preserve our natural resources for generations to come. In fact, we were one of the first companies in our industry to make significant investments in re-engineering our facilities to achieve “greener,” more environmentally friendly operations. Since 1997, our industry has reduced CO2 emissions by 24%, total energy consumption by 27%, and water usage by 33%.

Green laundry detergents support environmental sustainability

Green Seal and Eco-Logo

To help achieve our long term environmental goals, UniFirst made the decision to utilize only laundry detergents that are 100% “green” and environmentally friendly. These detergents are biodegradable and made from renewable resources, free of phosphates and other chemicals that harm the environment. Our computerized processing technologies maximize fuel and energy efficiencies, and we take extraordinary care with any by-products produced by our laundry operations. Our ongoing investments in water and air treatment technologies help assure that everything we return back to the environment is consistently safe and non-polluting.

In recognition of the many laundering processes in place that help keep local environments safe, UniFirst is regularly saluted by municipalities nationwide with various environmental awards. This signals to us that we're making concrete strides toward our objective to be an environmental steward in each of the communities we serve.

Partnering with like-minded vendors

Energy Star and Green Lights

We also strive to extend our “green” reach to all our supply chain partners by seeking out those organizations that offer innovative enviro-friendly products and services. Throughout our product lines, we're continually adding more “green” items for our customers; such as EcoSure® certified recycled garments made from 100% post consumer fibers, EcoLogo® certified recycled paper products, Green Seal® certified hand soaps, and EPA “Design for the Environment” (DfE) certified all-purpose cleaners and degreasers.

UniFirst is an active member of both the U.S. and Canada Green Building Councils, and proudly participates in the EPA Green Lights® and Energy Star Buildings® programs.

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