Video: Uniform Inventory Management

UniFirst keeps an inventory of thousands of garment combinations in various sizes

UniFirst anticipates changes in wearer needs by maintaining a broad inventory of thousands of garments and styles in various sizes. When you provide us information on a size change or a new employee, we'll have him/her in uniform by your next delivery day.

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We know that one of the most common realities for business is change - new people, new promotions, new branding, and new processes - just to name a few. So, UniFirst anticipates changing needs by maintaining a broad inventory of thousands of garment combinations in various sizes. If a new employee starts next week, we have him or her covered and in your approved business image. And when wear and tear has left its mark on work apparel over time, we have the inventory to replace it and deliver complete orders without ever missing a beat. UniFirst's in-house personalization specialists can provide a new look or logo for your uniform program, whether involving embroidery or silk screening, almost as soon as you announce the change. Front line work apparel, we have it; behind the scenes uniforms, we have it; executive and professional business lines, we have that, too. UniFirst, always prepared for change with the best choices in work apparel. Products where you can truly see and feel the difference.

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With a full-service Uniform Rental Program, we handle all the program administration for your employee uniforms, including pickup/deliveries, laundering and maintenance.

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