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Transportation & Warehousing

Transportation and Warehousing Uniforms

UniFirst knows that businesses involved in receiving, storing, handling, and delivering the goods that drive our many industries and satisfy consumer needs are bigger contributors than ever before to the health of the economy.(Click Here to see how UniFirst can help YOUR company).

You have a handle on your big business issues, but how about some of those smaller, less pressing and often less obvious needs that are just as important to long-term success? Things like making sure customers can instantly recognize your employees…enhancing your professional image...keeping your terminals, warehouse, and distribution centers secure…boosting team spirit and motivation...and ensuring your workers stay healthy and productive.

UniFirst has service solutions that target all those needs. UniFirst's uniforms, protective apparel, and customized garments
Men's Transportation and Warehousing Uniform
  • Can project a unique, professional image consumers find attractive
  • Can differentiate your business operation from a competitor's
  • Can help identify who does or does not belong within work areas
  • Can boost employee morale and productivity by creating a unified
    "team feeling"
Women's Transportation and Warehousing Uniform

Whether your employees are on on-the-road, on-the-dock, or in the front office, UniFirst provides and services work uniforms of all types, including specialized protective and high-visibility workwear, designed to stand up to the rigors of virtually any work environment...while always keeping business image, style, and comfort
in mind.

And UniFirst's line of transportation and warehousing industry products extends beyond uniforms to include facility floorcare and restroom/
hygiene products and services…all of which can contribute to cleaner, safer, and more productive work areas—not only for employees and their safety, but for internal fixtures and other sensitive equipment that could become operationally compromised by unclean environments.

UniFirst customers can choose to rent, lease, or buy their uniforms, work apparel, and/or facility services products…so there's an attractive and affordable value-based cost solution for every business manager's budget.

The Hidden Power of Uniforms*
  • Customers see uniformed employees as more "trustworthy."
  • Customers believe employees in uniform are more capable and competent.
  • All things being equal, customers prefer to buy from companies whose
    employees are in uniform.
* "From "The Customer Perception of Uniforms in the Workplace" study sponsored by the
Uniform and Textile Service Association and conducted by J.D. Power and Associates®.
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