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Facility Services

Floorcare and Dust Control Services
Creating a safe, attractive workplace is a process that begins from the ground up. It's no wonder, then, that UniFirst's floorcare products are underfoot in offices and factories from coast-to-coast. Through our rental programs, we regularly clean and rotate items, saving businesses significant maintenance time and expense. Supplying walk-off and logo mats; scraper and anti-fatigue mats; wet and dry mops; as well as various wiping products, UniFirst keeps workplaces clean and inviting, while protecting employees and CUSTOMERS alike.

Restroom Services
In business, quality and image are around-the-clock imperatives, often extending beyond work apparel. Restroom Services from UniFirst benefit both a company's employees and its Customers. Products such as hand soaps, sanitizers, air fresheners, disposable towels and tissue, as well as required dispensers, address health and sanitary concerns, while conveying a focus on cleanliness that speaks of a total commitment to quality. As with all UniFirst rental programs, a Route Representative monitors usage and provides timely product refills and supplementary services.
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Cleaning Solution Dispensing Services
The UniFirst Cleaning Solution Dispensing System eliminates waste and saves customers up to 90% in costs when compared to buying “ready-to-use” cleaning products. Our system utilizes a full line of cleaning solution concentrates with easy-to-use, one touch dispensing that automatically mixes the exact ratio of cleaning agents with water. The wall mounted dispensing unit is connected to a basic water source to draw and mix concentrated cleaning solutions at precisely the right ratios. Special metering tips are installed in each concentrate refill to obtain the correct dilution ratios every time.

The UniFirst Cleaning Solution Dispensing System works with a patented line of cleaning concentrates for all your facility needs and offers several dispensing options.
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