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UniFirst full-service industrial uniform rental programs provide cost-effective, brand and morale boosting solutions for all your employees. We supply industrial uniforms, protective wear, and specialty garments for full- or part-timers; laborers, installers, technicians, office staff, supervisory personnel, or virtually any other job. Our flame resistant (FR) and high visibility apparel helps keep workers safe and employers in compliance with on-the-job safety standards. Most important, we deliver quality, job-fit work clothing that produces a tangible competitive advantage through improved appearance, better company image, and the kind of unified team look that boosts employee pride and confidence.

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Get a thorough cost analysis and audit of your entire uniform program. We'll make sure you're getting all you're paying for and not paying more than you need to. We can save your company significant costs over the life of your agreement. Our three major auditing components:
  • Value – We analyze all aspects of your current uniform program to ensure you’re getting the most for what you’re paying for.

  • Image –We look at the consistency of your uniform quality and identify if a business image upgrade may be beneficial to your bottom line.

  • Pricing – We audit your current pricing beyond the weekly “per wearer” charges to determine total cost of ownership related to your managed uniform program.

So if you're comparing uniform cleaning companies that offer uniform rental service, try our FREE VIP COST ANALYSIS today!

Rest assured, if we feel you’re currently maximizing value and image with your current uniform cleaning company, we’ll tell you that too.

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Triple Pro Service to meet all your needs.

UniFirst uniform laundry services and industrial uniform rental programs are backed by our absolute service guarantee. Our local Triple Pro Service teams ensure timely service of lab jackets, work apparel, industrial uniforms and more, no matter where your business is located.

UniFirst offers great value for your managed uniform program, and when you participate in a full-service rental uniform program with UniFirst, up-front clothing investments are eliminated. We’ll outfit your employees in the clothing of your choice, provide weekly work uniform rental, uniform cleaning service, garment maintenance, and issue replacements as necessary. As your uniform cleaners, we handle all the program administration for your company uniforms.

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