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Ensure worker safety with a full service FR clothing program from UniFirst.

Worker safety is a top priority. And in work environments with burn risks from open flames, arc flash, combustible materials, or other potential hazards, employers must supply proper protective clothing. In flame resistant clothing, the material self-extinguishes upon the removal of an ignition source.

UniFirst full service FR clothing and uniform rental makes administering your Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC) program easy and economical.

With a Full Service FR clothing Program from UniFirst you get:

Armorex FRŪ helps you meet NFPA and OSHA safety requirements.

Our exclusive Armorex FR flame resistant work garments meet stringent international ASTM standards yet have all the durability and comfort of traditional work apparel. With UniFirst's Armorex FR, you can choose from a variety of proven flame resistant fabrics for your shirts, work pants, jeans, coveralls, jackets and other FR gear. All Armorex FR garments are labeled with their Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) so it's easy to match the appropriate garment to the NFPA 70e Hazard Risk Categories (HRC) of a given job task in the work environment.

Armorex FR work apparel is available in these flame resistant fabrics.

So whether you're implementing a new FRC program or expanding an existing one, a full service FRC program utilizing Armorex FR by UniFirst is the smart choice.

Learn more about full service FR clothing programs from UniFirst.

UniFirst—a leading provider of FR clothing and protective apparel

Serving more than 240,000 customer locations in the United States and Canada and outfiting more than 1.5 million workers daily, UniFirst is a leader among uniform companies in North America. While UniFirst FR clothing is designed first and foremost to keep your workers safe, it's also designed for comfort. UniFirst Armorex FR work shirts feature a roomier cut for ease of movement, while flame resistant work pants feature extra fabric in their hems to give the same natural comfort drape you find in dress pants.

In addition to flame resistant garments, UniFirst also provides:

Why UniFirst?

We believe our unique combination of people, pricing, service, and product makes UniFirst the choice for uniform programs and facility services.

Learn more about UniFirst FR clothing as well as UniFirst facility services, floor mat service, restroom products, and more.

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